The Scots, more than any other cultural group, have changed the world. From their traditional home in North Britain, the Scots and the Gaels have achieved and effected a profound influence on the development of the modern world. Their descendants may be found in all parts of the world today.

The general objectives and purposes of the Organizing Committee are:

  • to develop and advance Nova Scotia's Scottish heritage through tourism
  • to stimulate public interest in Scottish culture
  • to facilitate cultural, artistic, and linguistic expressions of Nova Scotia & Canada's Scottish heritage
  • to develop educational and cultural activities that showcase Nova Scotia & Canada's Scottish heritage
  • to promote Nova Scotia and Canada and the accomplishments of its Scottish peoples to the world
  • to initiate cultural exchanges with Scottish communities outside Canada

The quadrennial festival that is being proposed by this Organizing Committee is a showcase for the tourism industry, linguists, artisans, musicians, dancers and Scottish enthusiasts, all of whom will come to Nova Scotia to represent their cultural facet.

Most of all, it’s about taking pride in being Scottish.

The IGC 2011 will create a showcase in which will be featured educational workshops and scholarship, relevant heritage and festival events (such as the International Gathering of the Clans of Nova Scotia), presentations of oral and living histories through storytelling and publishing, sporting events, and formal and semi-formal social occasions.

It is the intention of this committee to develop and to promote an "International Gathering of the Scots in Nova Scotia" that will foster cultural longevity as well as explore an aspect of multiculturalism in Canada that has not been adequately promoted and appreciated.

The Scottish communities of the world will come to Nova Scotia to visit the place and people where…the Old World Meets the New ™.